New Release: ConsumerCheck 1.2.1

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software-box-mdConsumerCheck 1.2.1 is a bugfix-release with the following changes and improvements from 1.2.0:

PCA: Variable standardisation did not work when one or more had zero variance.

Saving plots: We realised that it was not possible save plots any longer since we switched to the new GUI backend that was introduced in version 1.2.0. This is fixed now.

Conjoint: When switching between structures (which are chosen from the drop-down menu) the tree-control at the left did not get updated properly. This should be fixed now.

To download the newest version please go to the Downloads section.


  1. I tried a few times to download consumercheck but it gave me the same message everytime. Is not commonly downloaded and can harm your computer. Can you please help me. What can I do to be able to download? Thank you

  2. Dear Gustav,

    the download works fine, but it is your internet browser telling you that the ConsumerCheck installation file might be harmful. It does so because it is an .exe-file.You don’t need to worry, the installation installs only ConsumerCheck nothing else.

    Which browser are you using? Once you get that warning message, there should be an option that you trust the website and that you want to keep the file. After that, you should be able to proceed with installation as usual.

    I hope this was helpful.

    best wishes

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