New release: ConsumerCheck 1.4.0

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ConsumerCheck 1.4.0 is a new release with the following improvements and bug-fixes from version 1.3.3:

PCA: It is now possible to colour objects in the PCA scores plot with user-defined categories. Such categories for objects are defined by adding one or more new columns to the measurement data. The header must start with an underscore, as for example “_category 1”. Please see the downloads page (section “Data with object categories”) where you can find examples of data sets containing such category variables.

If a data set contains category variables, a drop-down menu in the PCA scores plot will provide a interface for selection of the wanted category.

This feature will be implemented also for preference mapping, PLSR and PCR in the near future.


Please go to the download page where you will find ConsumerCheck for your platform and example data sets that illustrate how the data need to be structured before import into ConsumerCheck.


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