New Release: ConsumerCheck 1.3.0

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software-box-mdConsumerCheck 1.3.0 is a new release with the following improvements and bug-fixes from version 1.2.1:

Installation on Win32 platforms: With version 1.2.0 it was no longer possible to install ConsumerCheck on 32-bit Windows platforms. This is fixed now.

Import of non-numerical data: ConsumerCheck now gives feedback when non-numerical data are imported and warns that the data cannot be analysed as a result of this. Earlier versions would leave the user in doubt what was happening.

Missing data: ConsumerCheck now provides a warning message when attempting to analyse data with missing values and suggest three ways of working around this problem.

Conjoint models: Computation of the conjoint model may be stopped now before finishing. With previous versions this was not possible.

Tree-Control: There were sometimes problems with the visualisation of the tree control (the tree control is where the user can double-click on to generate plots). Some items were shown twice instead of only once. Although this was not causing any errors, this un-aesthetic behaviour was fixed.

Non-ASCII letters in file path: Earlier versions would fail to import data if there were non-ASCII letters (as for example “å”, “ø”, “ü” or similar) in the file path. This is fixed now.

To download the newest version please go to the Downloads section.

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